New York

This is a collection of moments captured
in New York meant to share “crude
statement[s] of fact addressed to the eye.”

near Ralph Avenue 2

apartments along Putnam 2

church on Putnam Avenue

sun and clouds on Ralph Avenue

a few meters ahead

parked in Williamsburg


concert in Brooklyn

Bedford Cheese Shop

like a ship

like a ship 2

like a ship 3

like children

like children 2

in or near the Flat Iron District

paint sign in Tribeca

paint sign in Tribeca 2

Matera Canvas sign in Tribeca

Goodall Rubber Co sign in Tribeca

sign near Flushing Avenue

perhaps on Green Street

somewhere in SoHo

Donut Pub in Manhattan

subway tiles

building address

front entrance

truck afar


Thames Street

Thames Street 2

red bricks


more peepholes

and some more peeps

another corner building

splash of sun

splash of sun 2


Avenue of Fashion

Avenue of Fashion 2



in pursuit of a doughnut

in pursuit of a doughnut 2

chalk or spray paint

Gold Street

poetry opening

early in the morning 4

early in the morning

early in the morning 2

early in the morning 3

early in the morning 5

clock tower on 14th

along 14th street

standing on the corner

on some corner

quite a fabulous outfit

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