may I help you find a new artist?

Thanks to Google, the search for galleries around Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills has been a slightly enjoyable experience as I learn the geography of an area of Oakland County. The search has also been filled with brief conversations with directors and gallery employees who sound less enthusiastic about gaining access to the unique perspective of a local artist and more concerned with preserving the exclusivity within the walls of their galleries.

I spent about an hour taking notes of different galleries in Birmingham, eventually taking notes on galleries in Troy, and calling these galleries to inquire about the interest in showcasing the work of an artist that I currently represent. It was a task that quenched my compulsion to make lists when I feel stress or boredom but the inability to get a direct answers regarding the ability to submit some of David Csaszar’s work made the ease of my compulsion diminish quite rapidly.

Below are only a few intriguing pieces from David Csaszar’s diverse collection that will soon be accessible to audiences in the Metro Detroit area.

The Link
Motion 2
Abstract #13

Click here to learn more about David Csaszar.